1. Connecting Communities through Action (CCA)

CCA04 Transforming Lives

Providing young conservationists with new skills and training.

Project Summary

We are providing young conservationists with new skills and training. Through the delivery of a training programme to groups of young adults each year, we are developing their skills and knowledge relating to natural heritage and heritage skills. As volunteer trainees, participants complete a set programme across a number of months. Targeted at young people, particularly those outside of full-time employment and training, the opportunity includes work experience with organisations within our partnership and diverse skills training through supporting the set-up and delivery of our various projects.

Sharing knowledge and training with this age group will support the sustainability of the protection of the natural heritage into the future. Our trainees represent the next generation responsible for decision making for the area and to immerse them in a comprehensive training programme will ensure the future of the Trent Valley is in good hands.

Local young adults will have become engaged with the local natural heritage of the Trent Valley corridor and have the desire, knowledge and skills to protect and conserve it into the future.

Project Lead

Simon Lowe
Transforming Lives Officer Derbyshire Wildlife Trust


Transforming Lives Blog

Transforming Lives, Connecting with Nature with Nicola and Simon.

Join Nicola and Simon as they discuss some of the techniques you can employ to maintain your mental and physical well-being during the Covid-19 lockdown. We also learn more about the Transforming Lives and Connecting with Nature projects that Simon is leading as part of the Transforming the Trent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme and how you can get involved.

Transforming Lives Projects

Future Projects

Details of future projects to be delivered by Transforming the Trent Valley and its partners as part of the Community Engagement project will be posted here soon.

Current Projects

Traineeship: cohort 3

Completed Projects

Traineeship: cohort 1

Traineeship: cohort 2