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Previous Trent Talks

Missed a previous Trent Talk? Recordings of our previous Trent Talks can be found below.

Trent Talks with Victoria Bunter and Nick Mott: Restoring the River Trent

This Trent Talk was recorded on Tuesday 1st June 2021. Victoria Bunter and Nick Mott discuss some of the work being done to restore the River Trent by Transforming the Trent Valley, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and partners and the benefits that this work has for wildlife and people.

Trent Talks with West Midlands Bird Ringing Group

This Trent Talk was recorded on Thursday 6th May 2021. West Midlands Bird Ringing Group talk about their work with farmers in the Midlands to support their efforts in improving habitat on their land for farmland birds.

Trent Talks with Tame Valley Wetlands: On a Tree by a River

This is a recording of the ‘Trent Talks with Tame Valley Wetlands: On a Tree by a River’ event from Tuesday 23rd March 2021. The presentation was hosted by Nicola Lynes from Transforming the Trent Valley, and the talk was given by Susan Hartland Smith from Tame Valley Wetlands.

Trent Talks with Dave Emley: Recording and Reporting Wildlife Sightings

Recording of the Trent Talk with Dave Emley, Staffordshire County Moth Recorder on 25th February 2021, hosted by Transforming the Trent Valley. Dave shares his years of experience in recording and reporting wildlife and shares how amateur wildlife spotters can start reporting their sightings.

Part of the Trent Talk series, we’re joined by members of the West Midlands Ringing Group to hear about the innovative use of thermal imaging in bird surveys.

Future Trent Talks

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Trent Talks with Outdoor Answers

This Trent Talk was recorded on Monday 17th May 2021. If we work with nature it will support us to find answers, no matter what stage we are in our various life journeys. Outdoor Answers aim is to promote getting outside and wellbeing in its many forms; for children, adults and the earth

Trent Talks with Tilly Bancroft

Recorded on Thursday 22nd April 2021. Tilley Bancroft from Making Trails talks about Art in Public Spaces – good and bad examples, considerations, and the benefits to the community.

Trent Talks with Zero Carbon Rugeley

Recording of ‘Trent Talks with Zero Carbon Rugeley’ from 8th March 2021. Adam Peacock from Keele University shares progress on the Zero Carbon Rugeley project so far.

Trent Talks with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust: All about Beavers.

George Bird from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust gives a presentation about Willington Wetlands and the project to introduce beavers back to this site.

Trent Talks with Dave Emley: Introduction to Butterflies

Part of the Trent Talks series, we’re joined by Dave Emley (Staffordshire County Moth Recorder) to learn about butterflies of the Trent Valley.