Egg Box Challenge.

April 20, 2020 by admin

Hi there! I’m Kathryn, the Wildchild Officer for Transforming the Trent Valley.

Like many people at the moment I been baking a bit, so now have an empty egg box!

There are many great ideas that you can use an egg box for including…

  • Planting seeds – added bonus that the box is biodegradable, so you can just bury it in the soil.
  • Making an animal – using the cups to make different animals (definitely something I am going to try next, so stay tuned!)

Nature Craft!

Egg Box Challenge!

For this blog post, the challenge is a ‘fill the box scavenger hunt’.

I painted each cup a different colour, then had a hunt around my garden to find wild objects from flowers to stones, grass to sticks and organisd the, by colour.

How many different colours can you find in your garden?

Try it at home see what you can find in your garden or around the house.

No paint, no problem just look for different sized objects or six objects all the same colour.

Thanks for reading!


Download and Print (A4)