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Green Conversations, Wednesday 26th July 2023

Introducing Staffordshire Green Network

On Wednesday 26th July 2023, the second ‘Conversations’ event was held at Rugeley Community Centre, co-hosted by Support Staffordshire, VAST and Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.

The aims of this event were:

  • To provide a space for community and voluntary groups who are interested in ‘green’ issues
  • To introduce the idea of a Staffordshire Green Network for community groups, to provide the initial plans for the structure of the network and to gain feedback on these plans. As we move towards the end of the Transforming the Trent Valley scheme, this Green Network is proposed as a way to continue engagement with groups and volunteers in the Trent Valley area and across Staffordshire.

22 community groups and public sector organisations were represented, and through themed conversations we discussed networking, resources, funding and development, and ideas for a Green Network for community groups.


A group of people sitting around tables in a large room, having conversations

Community Conversations - Wednesday 25th January 2023


On Wednesday 25th January 2023, we hosted a ‘Community Conversation’ at Uttoxeter Heath Community Centre for community groups who have been engaged with the TTTV scheme, or who are interested in ‘green’ issues.

The aims of this networking event were twofold:

  • Provide a space for community groups in the area to network with each other, make contacts and create partnerships
  • Learn from these groups as to what they think is needed in the area to provide support in the future

We had a great turnout of 35 people from 23 different groups/organisations, and the 2 hour event had a fantastic buzz to it – lots of introductions were made, and contacts created for further collaboration in the area!

The event was structured around 4 focus tables:

  • Funding/development
  • Networking (x2)
  • Engagement with TTTV

Participants could choose which tables they attended, and how long they stayed at each table, giving them the freedom to get what they needed from the event.

TTTV are committed to sharing our learning for the benefit of all, so the notes and ideas shared at this event have been collated and included below. All comments/post its/notes from the event have been included here, in the format they were collected in, but transferred to digital boards for ease of reading.

From the feedback collected, generally participants felt as though the networking was the most valuable part of the day, and many people came away inspired to know there are so many residents and groups tackling green issues. Suggestions to improve the event were to make it longer, and provide a list of groups in attendance.

Following this feedback, we are planning another Community Conversations event in Rugeley in late July, and the groups in attendance are listed on this page, with links to websites/social media where appropriate.

Community Groups and Organisations in attendance

Useful links

Support Staffordshire:

Funding, development support, membership, training, community directory

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust:

Campaigns, community activism (contact Liam Geary Baulch –

Staffordshire Ecological Record:

Biological Recording, wildlife data and information

VAST (Voluntary Action Stoke on Trent):

Funding, development support, membership, training, community directory for VCSE groups in Stoke on Trent.