Manor Park Sailing Club: Training Expansion Project

August 12, 2021 by admin

Manor Park Sailing Club, situated near Kings Bromley, applied to our Community Grants scheme in August 2020. They were successful in applying for a grant to buy buoyancy aids for the young people who attend their club to ensure that they have the correct size for all trainees arriving on site. This was a part of their wider Training Plan to increase their training capacity and facilities on site. They have given this feedback on the impact of receiving a grant through Transforming the Trent Valley:

The improvements to the club house and the fact that through TTTV the club has been successful in obtaining grants to expand its training, has really lifted club morale. The committee meetings have a much more positive approach, and the social chats between members and regular “Club News” output are now uplifting and full of encouragement. We have even seen a significant uptake in paying membership fees despite there being no sailing for a year; nearly 80% of members have renewed already. Once lockdown is lifted we are confident there will be a large return to sailing, and our advance planning to meet the challenges will have come to fruition. Perhaps the biggest lesson learnt is that we are so fortunate in having the help of Support Staffordshire, with Nicola Lynes and Claire Ferris at the end of an email to assist our club.

Manor Park Sailing Club