Cultural Heritage

The Trent Valley is a culturally rich landscape. Explore our cultural heritage pages to learn more about our fascinating past

Cultural Heritage in the Trent Valley

What is cultural heritage?

We inherit a legacy of cultural property from the past that includes the physical artefacts alongside the less tangible – but equally real – aspects of our heritage.  Our buildings, art, dialect, folklore, even our landscapes create a unique and irreplaceable story of our past that influences our individual and group identities.  These become symbols of our communities and affect the way we think of ourselves, helping set and guide the direction of our path to the future.

The cultural heritage aspects of TTTV’s work includes project delivery but also focusses on involving people, connecting communities with their own history and heritage, encouraging those communities to take a sense of ‘ownership’.  It is intended that this will bolster identities and enable a feeling of a deeper sense of place and belonging.

Investigating and understanding our historic landscapes helps in creating strategies around environmental change and management, and helps to inform landowners in their planning and decision-making processes.


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