Claymills Pumping Station

A large scale floodplain restoration project located beside the confluence of the River Trent and the River Dove

Transforming the Trent Valley are working with Severn Trent Water to help enhance large areas of floodplain habitat in the shadow of Claymills Victorian Pumping Station

The River Dove at Claymills

What's happening at Claymills?

Severn Trent Water have signed an agreement with the Environment Agency in the form of a WINEP (more on this later). They have agreed to deliver a range of habitat improvement works across Claymills to increase biodiversity and enhance priority habitats.

TTTV have been asked by Severn Trent Water to deliver these improvements.

Have a look below to see some of the proposals we are aiming to deliver over the next 18 months

Grassland enhancement

TTTV are looking to improve the diversity of eight hectares of lowland meadow at Claymills. This will be done by collecting freshly cut grass from a nearby species rich meadow and spreading it across the target fields. This technique is known as strewing and is an alternative to using a man made seed mix.

The project is also looking to survey a further four hectares of set-aside arable land to improve its value for biodiversity.

Wet woodland restoration

Wet woodland is a key habitat within the Trent Valley. Unfortunately, it is also increasingly sparse. Intensive land use, drainage, and flood defences have all contributed to its decline over the pervious century.

At Claymills we will be providing space for the existing pockets of wet woodland to regenerate. As a predominantly transient habitat, wet woodland needs to be able to expand and develop as succession takes its course.

Bank re-profiling

At Claymills, several areas along the River Dove and the River Trent have been identified as potential sites of bank re-profiling. Our aim is to re-instate natural features that have been removed over time through changes to land use and the desire to artificially deepen and straighten our waterways.

Features such as backwaters and point bars provide variation within habitats and create opportunities for fish, amphibians, and invertebrates to live and reproduce.


Water Industry National Environment Programme

The primary role of the WINEP is to provide information to water companies on the actions they need to take to meet the environmental legislative requirements that apply to water companies in England. The Environment Agency has developed the WINEP methodology process in line with the UK government’s 5 environmental principles for building a greener future with the aim of offering the best opportunity to achieve environmental improvement.

Severn Trent Water

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