Take a moment to relax. Let you mind wander as you read a series of poems about the River Trent written by the amazing, creative children of Burton Fields School in Burton upon Trent.

As part of the launch event for the Transforming the Trent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme, the Eco Group from a local school in Burton, Burton Fields School, was invited to enter a poetry writing competition. The school children were asked to write poems about ‘What does the river mean to you?’ The children visited the River Trent and came up with a series of verbs and adjectives that they felt best described the river. They then returned to school and composed their poems using their chosen words.

The winning poem has been included at the end of the Transforming the Trent Valley showcase video. The winner and two runners up were awarded prizes: the winner received a copy of ‘The Lost Words’ by Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane, whilst the runners up all received special wildflower identification books.

The Winner!

Mother Nature by Qasim

Nature harmed by human waste,
Wild life near to extinction.
Water becoming dirty and polluted,
Animals becoming endangered.

Trees barely surviving,
Boats floating amongst the waste.
Ducks try protecting their young from the toxic trash,
Lots of natural things disappear from our view.

But, in the darkness there is light.
Heroes making a safe zone for endangered animals.
People recycling their waste.
Litter in the bin.
Helping Mother Nature to protect the defenceless once more.


We would love to hear your poems and stores about the River Trent, River Dove and the valley landscapes and places you love. Perhaps you grew up in the Transforming the Trent Valley scheme area or maybe you grew up here.

No matter if you’re a current resident of the area or not, if you have a story to tell about the River Trent or River Dove and its importance to you, we would love to hear from you. Be part of our Tales from the Riverbank project; send us your stories via our contact page or drop us a line and we will get back to you.

The Runners Up

The River Trent by Isla

The River Trent is very bent,
It curves and turns around.

Children shout and play,
Having fun and laughing every day.

Swans glide gracefully through clear waters.

Flowers bloom perfectly inside the bright, green grass.

The sun rises slowly and happily.

And the River Trent is very bent,
It curves and turns around.

Nature makes one beautiful world by Maddison

Open your eyes,
Look around for a couple of minutes,
Whilst the river takes you by surprise.

The most fascinating bridge,
Standing in the same position for years peacefully,
You could say it’s bowing.

Silent trees,
Some can reach down to your toes,
Swaying in the breeze,
Staring at the sun like a beautiful rose.

More wonderful poems by the Children of Burton Fields School.

The River Trent by Aleena

The bridge standing calmly,
The lily pads floating gracefully,
The trees reflecting on the river,
The ducks waddling joyfully.

People sitting on the benches peacefully,
Canoers rowing rapidly.
People strolling around slowly.
Everyone enjoying the beauty of the River Trent.

The River People by Emma

The people are sitting happily,
While the ducks are walking humorously.

The plants are growing peacefully,
As the waves are crashing violently.

The sign is sitting patiently,
Waiting for passers-by.

The lilies are sinking quietly,
The tree is standing calmly,
But the people are still sitting happily.

The River Trent by Kenzie

The flowers grow slowly,
While the Ducks are sleeping silently on the river.
The boat floats quietly,
While the mooring hook stands still and strong.
Children walk carefully along the path of the river,
Adults sitting talking.

The ducks are awake, jumping quickly into the water.
The trees stand constantly…forever

My Dear River Trent by Mingaile

The bridge stands peacefully as the boat floats calmly.
The bench lays quietly while the river moves slowly.
The house creaks loudly.
Meanwhile the arch bridge rests silently.
The lilies sink morosely whilst the laid back fisherman catches his shoal.
My dear River Trent you make these things possible everyday for everyone,
so I want to say, thank you, for this life you are giving to me.

The River Trent by Raheem

Daisies growing peacefully,
As the trees give oxygen generously. While the water is supporting wildlife,
the children sit happily next to the barges, providing a happy home.

But the waste is infecting quickly,
disturbing the ducks sleeping restlessly.
Fortunately, the sun is lowering beautifully over the river, shining glamorously.

The River Trent by Wiktor

The ducks are sleeping quietly.
The mooring hook is standing silently, holding the boats safely.
And the sun is shining beautifully
As the trees give oxygen and life.
The water moves slowly,
But the rubbish rushes by quickly, making me sad.

The River Trent by Ellie

The bridge standing in the water like a statue,
Children sitting on the bench joyfully.
Ducks waddling around the river,
Waiting eagerly for their mum.

Trees drinking the water to grow giant and strong.
Boats holding people, keeping them safe.
Rubbish floating around atrociously.
Flowers swaying in the cold breeze,
Sunset closing up the day.

The River Trent by Isa

Trees waving their leaves quickly like birds flapping their wings.
Animals crawling peacefully along the branches.
All the time, the trees supplying us oxygen.

Children playing, throwing their balls, feeding the ducks,
While adults talk as loud as elephants.

The swans crawling along the water like tired sloths.
People resting peacefully.
The sun setting beautifully in the sleepy sky.

The River Trent by Khadijah

The flowers were growing slowly,
While the sun rose peacefully.
Children were sitting joyfully,
The ducks were walking quietly.

Litter spread disgracefully,
The boats floating silently,
The bridge standing peacefully like a statue,
The tree growing slowly.

Nature by Niga

Ducks, waddling fast in the water,
River, swishing slowly,
Swans, swimming happily,
People, walking safely near the River,

Water, glistening softly,
Trees, waving branches closely together,
Hooks, standing still as a statue,
Bridges, being trod on.

Powerful World by Victoria

Trees growing slowly,
Bridge stood peacefully.
The sun rising brightly,
Flowers growing perfectly.

Boats floating silently,
Litter spreading quickly.
Birds singing loudly,
Ducks walking sensibly.

This is our wonderful world.