3. Transforming the Landscape (TL)

TL03 Transforming the Trent Valley’s Heritage

Protecting heritage at risk from cultivation.

Project Summary

The Trent Valley landscape has a rich and diverse cultural heritage resource ranging in date from the early prehistoric through to the modern day. However significant pressures from development, mineral extraction, expanding infrastructure and agriculture across this area have and will continue to impact upon this valuable resource.

We are working with local communities, volunteers and landowners to record and improve the condition of vulnerable heritage assets across the project area and achieve sustainable management for them.

The aim of the project is to empower local communities and landowners to take responsibility for their heritage. Through training it will provide them with the skills to understand, record, monitor, manage and maintain heritage assets within the landscape partnership scheme area.

It will provide a framework to facilitate the longer-term curation of the historic environment, including the establishment of ongoing monitoring regimes and access to training materials to give landowners and local communities the confidence to be involved in the management and improvement of their local historic environment.

The condition of heritage assets and their principal threats and vulnerabilities will also be better understood, enabling strategies for longer-term designation and management to be developed.

Project Lead

Dr Mark Knight
Cultural Heritage Officer Transforming the Trent Valley


TTTV Heritage Blog

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River name meanings

This article focusses on the name meanings of the River Trent tributaries in the TTTV project area. (Main image: the River Dove east of Uttoxeter, photo courtesy Mark Knight 2023) Language is a mutable and changeable thing, our dialect and syntax changes over long periods of time and we are constantly inventing new words or […]

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Conserving a Roman Road in Branston

Environmental Conservation and Cultural Heritage: a happy conclusion at Bean’s Covert. During the course of 2017, a small team of volunteers from the U3A led a project to investigate the long-held local knowledge about the survival in Bean’s Covert of a section of Ricknield Street, the Roman road from Wall to Little Chester.  The project […]

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The Drakelow Vampires

(10 minute read).   The image is of Roger the Poitevin from a stained glass window in Lancaster Cathedral Creative Commons licence  CC BY-SA 4.0   Caring for and conserving our cultural heritage is more than just looking after the tangible remains of our shared past, such as buildings and monuments.  It is also about […]

The River Trent name and the birthplace of a goddess

Our story begins around 5,000 years ago with the creation of the Catholme Ceremonial Complex.  In the early 2000s,  an archaeological team led by Professor Henry Chapman of the University of Birmingham unearthed an incredible series of finds at Catholme.  A ritual landscape based around a series of ceremonial monuments focussed on the confluence of three […]

Transforming the Trent Valley’s Heritage Projects

Future Projects

Legacy projects

Following the success of our work to date we are exploring funding opportunities to deliver more conservation and engagement tasks in the Trent Valley

Current Projects
Completed Projects

Heritage Asset surveys

Over 100 assets have been visited and surveyed by our team of volunteers

Designation reviews

Several assets have been identified for designation review

Landowner engagement

We have worked with a large number of landowners, engaging them at different levels in the project from providing advice on managing their heritage, through supporting landowners to bring their assets into positive management, to carrying out detailed geophysics surveys and archaeological excavations.

Heritage conservation training

For volunteers, landowners and curators

Anchor Church

Conservation of heritage assets including graffiti removal at Anchor Church