3. Transforming the Landscape (TL)

TL01 Living Floodplains

Improving biodiversity and reconnecting the river with its wetlands.

Tucklesholme floodplain reconnection © Jenny France

Project Summary

Our natural heritage project is delivering physical changes directly upon the river channel and its floodplain to reinstate natural river processes. This is achieved through a variety of schemes, including bank reprofiling, creation of backwaters, removal of barriers, reconnecting oxbow lakes and slowing the flow to capture sediment.

Across the wider floodplain and valley, the project is reconnecting the existing wetlands and reinstating a suite of habitats typically found within a thriving floodplain. Our target habitats include species-rich floodplain meadow habitat, wet woodland and riparian trees. We are creating wetland features including ponds, reedbeds and swales, all aimed at protecting and buffering the watercourse along its length. We are working in partnership with local landowners, quarry companies and local authorities to create a more natural and resilient landscape to deal with the pressures of pollution, flooding and climate change.

The project will aim to leave a legacy of sustainable funding to continue the work started with the Landscape Partnership Scheme via quarry restoration, agri-environment schemes and biodiversity offsetting. Biodiversity offsetting has the potential to fund 10 – 25-year management programmes depending on the conditions of the development. This will support landowners in the long-term management of created projects.

The Catchment Partnerships that covers this area will support ongoing work on river restoration through the River Basin Management Plans and Flood Risk Management Plans.

This project is generously supported by

Burton and District Wildlife Group
Burton Conservation Volunteers
Environment Agency
ERDF Greening the Grey via ESIF
Network Rail
Tarmac (Landfill Communities Fund)
Wildlife Ways

Project Lead

Victoria Bunter
Living Floodplains Officer Transforming the Trent Valley

Hamish Jeffreson
Living Floodplains Officer Transforming the Trent Valley


Living Floodplains Projects

Future Projects

Details of future projects to be delivered by Transforming the Trent Valley and its partners as part of the Community Engagement project will be posted here soon.

Current Projects

Rugeley Power Station

Claymills Pumping Station

Severn Trent Water WINEP delivery