2. River Valley Connections

RVC05 Cycle Access

Improving accessibility for cycling in Burton

Project Summary

This project has altered from its original project plan.

Originally, we planned to waymark and route map a  series of cycle routes in the Transforming the Trent Valley landscape designed to offer various tours of the landscape taking in both the natural and cultural heritage of the Trent Valley. The routes varied in distance and difficulty and offered both on-road and off-road cycling. However, when it came to deliver the project is became clear that the routes, which had been previously identified, were being impacted by current or future development or fitted into new schemes.

It was therefore concluded that the available funding would be better used to improve cycle provision in Burton-upon-Trent. A number of cycle routes were being improved, towpath upgrades were in development and a drive to offer better accessibility for sustainable travel was underway. We have therefore installed a cycle hub at the Shobnall Leisure Centre.

What is a Cycle Hub?

The cycle hub is a lit and covered cycle shelter with provision for 12 bikes. It also has a pump and bike repair stand complete with tools to aid with basic bike maintenance. We have partnered with Everyone Active at the Shobnall Leisure Centre to install this new asset. The location was chosen as the leisure centre has ample parking for families looking to park and then take a cycle trip and is also a good destination for cyclists on a cycle tour. It is connected to the major cycle routes to and through the town, including the canal towpath. Additionally, the leisure centre works with community groups to offer cycle training, reaching disadvantaged groups and those who do not typically cycle. They have a range of accessible bikes so children and adults with various physical disabilities can enjoy the sport.

The cycle hub was officially opened in August 2023 by Cllr Syed Hussain, Mayor of East Staffordshire.

Everyone Active has agreed to take on the maintenance liability for the cycle shelter and the bike repair station.

They are committed to continue delivering cycle training to various groups, including audiences who do not typically cycle.

Project Lead

Kelly Kerr-Delworth
Business Relations Officer East Staffordshire Borough Council

Louise Morris
Project Manager Transforming the Trent Valley


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Cycle training is offered at the leisure centre

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Cycle hub installed

The cycle hub is close to the leisure centre for security with clear Perspex windows and open sight-lines. It is covered and includes a lockable door to give all weather use and includes lighting for winter months. It incorporates a cycle repair station for basic bike maintenance.